Experience Pure, Clean Light with GE’s reveal® Bulbs


Daylight savings time has just kicked in, and working a 9-5 job means I barely see any daylight, which can be very frustrating! Since having a blog for the last 4 1/2 years, I’ve struggled getting the best lighting for my pictures during the winter months. Thankfully, I was introduced to GE’s latest innovative reveal(r) bulb, which helps colours pop, while providing vivid clarity throughout my home at the same time.
Whether I’m taking pictures for my Instagram account, applying makeup, or even reading a book, it provides me with clean bright light, while showcasing vibrant colours for me to see like never before!
Not only are these lights bright and clear, they save 28% of energy, which saves you money down the road! Also, each of these bulbs have an amazing life expectancy of approximately 1,000 plus hours!
I totally recommend you try GE’s reveal(r) bulb for yourself to see what you’ve been missing all along, just like myself!

Where to buy:
*       Consumers can take advantage of limited-time promotional pricing of 30% off GE reveal A19 Energy Efficient Soft White 4-packs October 22nd through December 21st across participating Canadian Walmart locations.
*       GE reveal is available at Walmart and Lowe’s throughout Canada.
*       For more information on the promotion and how you can experience more with clean light, visit  www.gelighting.com/reveal.
*       You can purchase the bulbs online at Walmart,  and Lowe’s. An offer from Checkout51 for $2.50 cash back for GE reveal light bulbs is also available on the Checkout51 app.




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