dsc_1708After traveling outside of the country a few times this year, it’s no surprise I got the travel bug, however, having a budget has me more cautious spending money when abroad. So when I was introduced to CIBC’s newest card, CIBC Air Canada AC Conversion VISA Prepaid Card, I was curious to see what they could offer versus using a regular VISA while traveling to another country.

Conveniently, I got to take the AC Conversion card out for a test drive in Miami a couple weeks ago. I found it very beneficial to use while dining in/out, paying for multiple taxis trips and purchasing clothing at local retailers. Using the card helped me stay on target when it came to expenses because I was able to lock in a foreign exchange rate, and knew exactly how much I’d be spending  and didn’t have to worry about fluctuating currencies. I also didn’t have to worry about bringing along much cash, as transactions are mostly done through an easy tap of the card!


We all know it can get costly with exchanging currencies, however after doing some research with the CIBC Air Canada AC Conversion card, I found it has a lot of great features, such as – loading up to 10 currencies on one card at the same time while easily managing it without the rates fluctuating; there are no additional fees incurred when using it at retailers wherever Visa is accepted (bonus!), and you can conveniently move funds between currencies wherever you are in the world using their app (just like you would use a Starbucks card. Yes. It’s that easy!), and withdrawing money from a local ATM automatically in the local currency (one free withdrawal per country per month). These noted features helped make my trip to Miami easy breezy, and stress-free, without worrying if the dollar is going to fluctuate on a daily basis, as I knew what it was at before traveling.

Not only is this card great for someone who is budget cautious, but it’s also the perfect gift for the holidays, or even for friends that are in need of a wedding gift for a honeymoon if they plan to travel abroad.

Available currencies on this card include:

  • Australian dollar-AUD
  • Canadian dollar-CAD
  • Euro-EUR
  • Great British pound-GBP
  • Hong Kong dollar-HKD
  • Japanese yen-JPY
  • Mexican peso-MXN
  • Swiss franc-CHF
  • Turkish lira-TRY
  • U.S. dollar-USD

Here’s the bonus! There are no fees to activate your AC Conversion card, and even though your card has an expiry date, your funds don’t! So there’s no need to panic. All you have to do is contact their Cardholder Services for a new one!

Order your CIBC Air Canada AC Conversion card here! For FAQ click here!

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  1. Katharine Green October 19, 2017 / 4:11 pm

    This card is great for manufactured spending!

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