How to make your shaving last long


Okay ladies! We all know how to shave, right?! But the real question is… Do we know the proper way so that your skin stays smooth for as long as possible?

As a spokesperson for Schick Hydro Silk, I want to give you my shaving tips to help keep those pesky hairs away for as long as possible:

First things first…you want to make sure you take your time because the last thing you need is a nasty cut from your razor. Ouch! Start off with exfoliating your skin the day before you plan to shave to take away any dead cells that might be clogging any trapped hairs – To get the best result, start from the bottom and work your way up in circular motion.

The following day, take a quick shower or bath (no more than approximately 5 minutes) to avoid your skin from wrinkling from being in the water too long –  You want to get as close to the hair follicles as possible, so keep it short! The whole point of this prep is so you can remove your natural oils and perspiration, which makes it 60% easier to cut the hairs. Immediately after, I use an ample amount of the Skintimate SkinTherapy Moisturizing Shave Gel, as it will help it easily glide over the skin. I recommend that you do not to use soap because it can clog your razor, not giving it the proper shave. Plus, soaps can cause dryness, unlike the shaving gel.



When I select a razor, I make sure it’s one that will offer everything I need, which is why I always go with the Schick Hydro Silk brand! My go-to’s are: the Schick Quattro YOU Razor, which allows you to get a close shave with fewer nicks & cuts, the Schick Intuition, which is super easy to use in the shower – you don’t need a shave gel for this product! Next in line, which comes in handy is the Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle. This chic little device works as a razor and bikini trimmer. It’s the perfect device to take along while traveling so that you don’t have to feel embarrassed with unwanted hairs popping up!


To get the best results, I, as the #SchickAmbassador recommend that you shave with a fresh blade – I normally replace mine after 3 uses. I love the convenience of having Schick Hydro Silk replaceable blades that hang in your shower without the hassle to search for them!

After you complete your shaving, pat yourself dry (do not rub skin), and lather yourself up in good quality lotion, so that your legs look and feel ultra-smooth and sexy for days!

Do you have any shaving tips you would like to share?



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