How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

If you haven’t cleaned your makeup brush within the last week or ever, then they definitely need a good cleaning! It is important to clean your brushes on a weekly basis as they accumulate bacteria, oils, debris and dead skin cells. This process should only take you approximately 5 minutes. Once you have cleaned your brushes, you will notice how much smoother your makeup goes on your skin!

Tip: If you do it before bedtime they will be nice dry for use in the next morning.

Here are my 4 simple steps to clean your makeup brushes!

What you will need:

  • Your makeup brushes
  • A plate
  • Dish soap 
  • Olive oil
  • Small hand towel

1. You start off with pouring equal amounts of dish soap and olive oil on a plate.
2. Place your plate next to a sink and start to mix your brushes in the olive oil and dish soap.
3. Lather the olive oil and dish soap in your hands until it gets fully covered. 
***Make sure to only wet the brush hair so you do not wear off the glue inside the brush.
4. Rinse off all the soap under cold water by swirling it in your hands until the residue is fully gone. 
Once the brush is accurately rinsed, begin by removing the excess water by squeezing the brush from the base to the tip. Then, place it flat on a towel to air dry.

How often do you clean your brushes?

NAKED2: Just Fabulous!

I recently purchased the Urban Decay, NAKED2 eyeshadow palette from my fav beauty store, Sephora. This wonderful combo comes with 12 Taupe and Grey-beige Neutrals, a Travel-size Lip Junkie Lip Gloss in Naked and a double-ended Shadow/Crease Brush. Shades in this palette can achieve a sophisticated day look for work and a smokey evening look for social events! These shadows are very pigmented and easy to apply to give you the look you are seeking for! As you can see in the picture, this case includes matte and shimmery colours to choose from. One of my favourite shades to use to brighten my inner eyes is “Booty Call”!  
 This a definite essential and travel friendly product! It retails for only $60 CAN or $50 US online at Sephora or Urban Decay.

My thoughts on the Clarisonic Skincare Brush…

I purchased the Clarisonic Skincare Brush  4 years ago from one of my favourite beauty stores, Sephora, because I heard so many good things about it. After using for a few months I have saw amazing results! I use it once every few days (same as you would use an exfoliant) – This device can be used daily or weekly. It takes all the dead skin, 6x more makeup and 2x more dirt and oil from your face within 60 seconds!  I prefer to use my own daily cleanser (same amount as I would washing my face with my hands) instead of the Clarisonic cleanser. You would only need to replace the brush head every 2-3 months for $25.
I think this product works wonders for people who care about their skin as much as I do!
The cost for the Clarisonic Skincare Brush is $195 – It’s pricey, but in my opinion, it’s totally worth it!!! You will see results immediately!
You can purchase this item at a local Sephora store or online here!


Does your concealer last all day?

Do you ever get annoyed when your concealer wears off within a few hours? 
Well, I found a solution to help keep your concealer on all day! If you have dark circles under your eyes and it makes you look tired, try these simple 3 quick steps. 
1. Bobbi Brown – Corrector (I use Bisque)
It will look pink when you put it on but it will go away once you use the Still, Perfecting Concealer.

2. Stilla – Perfecting Concealer (I use # 04)
Tip – All you need is a little dab.

3. Laura Mercier – Secret Brightening Powder
Tip – use a clean eyeshadow brush and dab a little bit under your eye area and roll the brush to smooth it out.
This combo has been by far the best for me yet!

 These products can be found in a Sephora Store or online at