Redken Colour Ultra Rich

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Although I have very dark hair naturally, I’ve been colouring it for a while to keep a richer, dark tone, and now, cover a few greys – ugh! Since I started colouring my hair I found it would always fade quickly and my red tones would start to show through after just a few washes, which can be very frustrating. So when I was asked to test out Redken’s Chromatics Ultra Rich, I immediately said yes. I mean who wouldn’t want to have rich and healthy looking hair, right?! I’ve been a long-time fan of Redken’s products thus far, so I was eager to see what they had to offer for this dull looking hair of mine.

I recently met with Redken artist, Marie-Eve Faucher, from Salon Tocci that used Redken’s latest product called: Chromatics Ultra Rich, which launched this month. I haven’t changed my hair colouring product in years and I was a bit worried at first. After consulting with Marie-Eve, I felt more comfortable and was excited to go through with it, because of her longevity with colouring hair and knowledge of Redken. The great thing about this product is that it has zero ammonia, which means there’s no unpleasant odour or an itchy irritation like I normally get using my regular hair colour. Once my hair was coloured, washed and styled, my first thought was how dark and rich it looked.  I’m so glad I took the risk to try a new hair colour, because I am extremely satisfied with it. Even after 3 washes, it kept its shine and felt soft. I strongly recommend you test this hair colour product out for yourself!

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I was gifted with Redken’s “Colour extend magnetics” shampoo and conditioner to help extend the colour of my hair. Not only do they smell good, but they work wonders, keeping my hair colour dark, which is said to last for a long period of time with the “colour locking system” and the shampoo is sulfate-free!


For someone with a very busy lifestyle such as myself, time is precious and having thick, heavy hair doesn’t help. So, my Redken artist, Marie-Eve Faucher advised that Redken’s “Pillow Proof” express primer works wonders for my hair type. Although I was sceptical at first, I had to test it out for myself because you will never know unless you try. After my first time using it, I was blown away *pun intended*! It literally cut my blow dry time in half. Let’s just say I’ll be using this primer on the regular.

Tip: Make sure you shake well before spraying onto hair.



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Refresh your routine for the new year + a giveaway!

New Year’s resolutions are fun to make but can be difficult to keep at the same time. This is why we must set our goals with a routine, so we can keep it up for the whole year or more! This year, one of my goals is to refresh my routine with Refresh Botanicals. This New Year, I have started to religiously use the Refresh Botanicals line which, already after week one, I’ve seen a difference.


s a Blogger, I get introduced to many types of beauty products, especially skincare lines. As of today, Refresh Botanicals’ Fresh Products are my go-to! I fell in love with this natural line because it is not only natural and almost 100% organic, but it also helped transition my skin to looking healthy again. It’s nice to know that there aren’t any harmful chemicals such as artificial fragrances, parabens, dyes, or by-products derived from petroleum products – It’s scary to know how many harsh chemicals can actually be absorbed by your skin!

The foaming cleanser works like a charm. It helps take away residue and impurities on my face and neck. After cleansing my face, I use the Facial Toner. Their toner leaves my face looking bright, and feeling fresh without any tightness or drying. The Daily Facial Moisturizer provides immediate hydration while providing antioxidant protection to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – Who doesn’t want younger looking skin, right?! The Night Restore Complex helps lighten up dark spots, which is very useful for someone such as myself. It goes on my skin without feeling thick or cakey, which is great for night time application! The BB Cream not only evens skin tone, it hydrates, protects is and blurs out any imperfections.  The Eye + Face Makeup Remover helps remove both, eye and face makeup in one simple step without rinsing. Pretty convenient, right?!

Refresh Botanicals stands by their product offering healthy skin that protects with the botanical life force of plants.




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Feel rejuvenated in the morning with Herbal Essences

When I wake up in the morning I feel very sluggish. I am not one of those kind of people who can just wake up, and feel like I’m ready to take on the world… But then again, who is, right??!!


I was recently introduced to Herbal Essences “Naked” collection, which offers three collections for different hair types: “Naked Volume“,  “Naked Moisture” and “Naked Shine“.


I got to test out all three, however, I fell with in love with the “Naked Moisture” line, as I have very unruly, thick coarse hair, and it can use some TLC with this dry air from all the heating from my home and work.


Because I’m not a “morning” person, taking a shower in the morning makes a huge difference on how my whole day will end up. After testing out Herbal Essences “Naked Moisture” these past couple of weeks, I immediately felt refreshed and awake! Not only was my hair feeling and looking silky smooth, the herbal mint extracts (which smells amazing!!!) helped wake me up in the shower immediately. The shower is a rare experience where all of our senses are alive, and since our sense of smell is the most evocative of all, why not take advantage to put a little pep in our step for the remainder of the day! It makes it that much better to start my day with a fresh rejuvenating feeling!


The “Volumizing Soufflé“, which is a weightless, volumizing leave-in conditioner, helps take away that heaviness that most mousse carries. Using the “Volumizing Soufflé” that has no silicone or dyes helps my thick hair feel light and allows for my natural waves to shine through, without it looking flat.


Knowing that this line is free from heavy residues, parabens and dyes, it gives me a piece of mind that this is a safe product for my hair.


What starts in the shower is powerful! See what 1,000 Canadian women ages 18-35 surveyed below…

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*Contest is only open to Canadian resident, excluding Quebec. Must be 18 years of age, or older to participate.

Tweezerman – Beauty Tool Experts


I’m sure most of you are familiar with the name Tweezerman, right??!! You know… “The little black dress of beauty tools”??!! If not, then you are definitely missing out and you need to learn about them ASAP! Seriously!

When I was introduced to this coveted beauty brand, I quickly learned how essential it is to own good quality beauty tools! Knowing that this popular line is a huge fan of countless celebrities, beauty professionals, and consumers, I knew I could trust them enough to use them for myself, and, of course, get the most out of them!


Here are my reviews for some of their popular tools:

The “Glitterati Safari Slant” {find similar style here) is the ultimate tweezer to firmly help create the cleanest pulling power. The tweezer closes evenly, allowing it to remove unwanted hair with ease. The slant helps grab each hair, with the smoothest, true precision.

Tip: Before plucking your brows, take a hot shower, so that your pores open up, which makes it easier to remove the hair. Make sure you tweeze the direction of the hair growth to avoid any breakage.


The “Brush IQ‘s” are the must-have beauty tool in everyone’s makeup case. Each brush is made to create a beautiful even, which is perfect to use with all powder and bronzer applications that leaves a seamless coverage.


The Tweezerman “Pointed Concealer brush” leaves a seamless natural look on dark circles, blemishes and pimples.

The Tweezerman “Blush Brush” is shaped in a dome, leaving a natural glowing finish on the cheeks. It leaves just the right amount of colour.

The Tweezerman “Powder Brush” is the perfect tool for dusting the right amount of powder on your face and neck. Shaped in a dome, it’s ideal for all powder applications.

The Tweezerman “Finishing Contour Brush” creates a subtle contour finish, leaving just the right amount of bronzer on your face in the right places. The slanted tip was designed to allow the application to create a light and natural looking finish.

The Tweezerman “Brow Brush” provides the brows looking natural, filling in the sparse areas, allowing it to create a definition.

See more Tweezerman brushes here!

The “BrowMousse” is perfect for keeping those brow hairs in place all day. The translucent gel dries on the brow hair without it flaking or looking clumpy.



The Tweezerman “Pro Lash Curler” leaves the lashes looking natural, rather than too crimped. This powerful tool gets all lashes evenly, allowing it to be pinch-proof, which is great for people who are paranoid about that happening, such as myself!


Still not sure about what to get your friend or loved one? s_4b58eb274cd15b5233aa35861a29ffac4072-R_Nail_Rescue_Kit_2

How about a cool “Mini Nail Rescue kit“? This cute little kit is great to bring along with you on your travels. You can even leave it in your purse in case you need to fix any little problems that you might come across!


Or maybe “The Brow Shaping Scissors & Brush“, which is the ideal gift for that brow obsessed friend, such as myself. It helps define and shape your brows in no time!

Still not sure? Check out more gift options here!

There are many options at different price points on that you can find for your loved one or friend, just in time for the holidays!