Get Holiday Ready

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Now that Halloween is over, the holiday parties start rolling in… Which means, we start sporting fancy dresses! *Cue the happy dance!

The night of the holiday party, I prep my evenings with a relaxing hot shower, which helps me get the closest shave. I start off with exfoliating my skin to remove all the dead skin cells, then I move on to shaving part. I’m a huge fan of the Schick Quattro and/or Hydro Silk razor, they both work wonders – They are designed to protect your skin and offer a close shave, so that you can go an extra day or two without having to shave.  My favourite shaving cream that I use is Skintimate’s new hypoallergenic moisturizing shave gel – Skintimate® Skin Therapy® Ultra Sensitive – this shave gel forms a rich lather to help you see where you’ve shaved so you never miss a spot! It’s been my go too shaving cream since I first started shaving! Next, I move on to the waterproof and adjustable Schick® Hydro Silk TrimStyle® to address those unwanted pesky hairs. The adjustable trimmer made my shaving experience easy a stress-free in my delicate areas.

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Dress – Zara | Booties – Le Chteau | Sunglasses – Quay Australia

Once I’m out of the shower, I dry myself off and lather myself with a lotion, to help lock in my skin’s moisture even more with  Aveeno®s Daily Moisturizing Sheer Hydration lotion – It literally leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and soft to the touch. Then, I throw on some fun music, pour myself a glass of wine, and then start with my makeup and hair.

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The new Microsoft Surface Pro

Being on-the-go almost every day of the week, with a full-time job, and my other full-time job, my blog, I need the convenience of working not just at the office or at home, but anywhere. It wasn’t until recently when I got the chance to experience my creative side on the new Surface Pro, which is both, a computer and tablet. Cool combo, right?! This light-weight, chic device conveniently fits in my bag, without feeling too heavy or bulky, which helps make my travels easy!

Microsoft surface

Having both options, a computer and a tablet allows me to not only do my blogging, but also get my creative side going. You can work on multiple projects all at once – talk about taking multi-tasking to the next level! I can easily write a blog post, and then move on to a presentation without any trouble. This convenience helps get my work done quickly and efficiently! I mean, what else can a girl who’s always on the go ask for, right?!


The new Surface Pro has the ability to run large programs such as Adobe, one that I’m a big fan of, so that’s a huge time saver for me! I also learned that the newest version lasts 50% longer than the older models, which adds 5-6 hours. Plus, it has Intel Core i5 7th Gen Core built inside it, which means it works much faster! It also has high contrast and low glare, which makes it easier for me to get through the day without straining my eyes – I don’t feel as tired as I normally would after being on the computer.

I wasn’t so big on the artsy side until I got to play around with a few applications, such as: Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop CS6, MediaBang and Sketchbook Pro for Tablet – all worked really great!

The Surface Pen has improved on the sensor, which makes it easier to create images using many different pen settings like paint brush, chalk, pencil and much more! The cursor is always below the tip so you don’t have to worry if your pen is on an angle or not.

Overall, I am pretty impressed with both the artistic side and performance. I would totally recommend the new Surface Pro!