Strum + An Auction for $50 at Want Boutique

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 12.23.31 PM

I came across this amazing app called Strum. It’s the world’s first customer experience app designed for the customer. You can connect with local businesses directly to the owner and enjoy more personalization, while earning more rewards. The convenient app also allows you to tag an employee for exceptional service when they impress you. Strum can be connected privately, or with your friends, including Twitter, so you can let everyone know about your recent experience.

Once you have checked in on at your location (just like Foursquare) it asks you to provide/strum your feedback and you are awarded points. The more feedback you leave i.e. attach photos or comment on the premises, the more points you get. After accumulating your Strum points, you can redeem them to purchase great local merchandise in the patent-pending Strum Auction, such as a free appetizer or coffee. Wether your happy or not with the recent service you received, you will still earn points just for voicing your opinion, and you can redeem them in the Strum Auction!

My Fash Avenue has collaborated with Strum to take part to win a $50 gift certificate to Want Boutique!

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How you can enter:

  1.  Look up Strum in your app store and download the app.
  2.  Sign in and begin to Strum
  3.  Start to provide your feedback to earn points.
  4.  One you have achieved enough points, you can bid on the $50 gift certificate to Want Boutique or anything else that is offered at that time. (bidding for the $50 Want boutique starts at 2:00 PM EST).