Cilque your way to comfort!


2017 was the year of ‘hygge’, a Danish word that literally means ‘being cozy and content’. As we’re now transitioning into fall and winter, I’ve been looking for ways to elevate my bedroom and sleep experience and recently went through a slight revamp of my bedroom with Cilque – a luxe 100% silk bedding brand based in Toronto. From the Kardashians to Gwyneth Paltrow, I’ve heard a lot of buzz about the positives of using silk sheets and pillow cases instead of cotton but hadn’t experienced them… until now.

For one, silk is very kind to my hair. Since the fabric is so smooth, my hair doesn’t get caught in the material and my blowouts and hairstyles last way longer – major time and money saver. Bye-bye forever, bedhead! The silk has also been working wonders for my skin. Unlike cotton, silk doesn’t crease and in turn prevents creases and lines from forming on my face while I sleep. In the long run, silk pillowcases promote anti-aging and prevent wrinkles – yes, please! How many of you have gone to bed and woken up with a brand new spot on your face before an important meeting, date, or on your birthday?!?! I sure have. In comparison to cotton, silk retains barely any dust and dirt particles and it has seriously reduced the number of breakouts I’ve been experiencing.


Overall, I have had nothing but positive and pleasantly surprising experiences with sleeping on silk. Plus, it’s added such a lush vibe to my room! Switching to silk sheets has been an incredibly luxurious experience, and a major investment in the quality of my sleep! Balancing two full-time gigs means I’ve come to really value my beauty sleep, and Cilque has helped me to do just that.

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