September glow with Cocoa Brown

Cocoa Brown sunless tanner

September is here, which means summer has slowly but surely begun to fade, as have the tan and glow I’ve been enjoying these past couple of months. I can’t say I’m excited about winter but I’m thrilled to share my latest tanning find with you all! I’ve been on the hunt for a healthy way to maintain my colour even throughout the colder months and I think I’ve finally found a solution I absolutely love in Cocoa Brown!

Cocoa Brown’s 1 Hour Tan is a quick and easy bronzing fix that comes in shades medium, dark, and extra dark. I went for extra dark because your girl loves a good tan and the extra dark takes you 5-6 shades deeper from your natural skin colour while maintaining a gorgeous bronze shade. Since Cocoa Brown is a natural product, I don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals damaging my skin and I’m so excited to use it all through the fall and winter!

Cocoa Brown sunless tanner

To apply: 

Make sure the skin is well exfoliated and moisturized to help the product get absorbed. I used Cocoa Brown’s Deluxe Velvet Double Sided Tanning Mitt to buff the mousse into my skin and let it sit for 30 seconds (yes, only 30 seconds!) till it was absorbed. Since the mousse is oil-free it didn’t leave any sticky residue on my skin and I could put my clothes on almost immediately after application. The mousse leaves behind an amazing floral scent, which is a welcome change from the artificial odour that accompanies most self-tanners.

Fun Fact: The colour you see in the mousse is a colour guide so that you can see where you are applying the tan. DHA, the active tanning ingredient is colourless!
It’s recommended to wait 1-3 hours before you shower; however, the product will continue to develop even after your shower helping you gradually achieve the most beautiful glow.

Cocoa Brown didn’t stain any of my clothes and I could go about my day as per usual without putting aside hours and hours for my self-tanning session.

The result? I look and feel so sun kissed after using Cocoa Brown! Even better? Zero sun and chemical damage. I can’t recommend Cocoa Brown to you guys enough, especially if you’re the kind that likes to maintain a bronzed glow all year round.

The product will not put a hole in your pocket as it is super affordable at only $19.95. Get your hands on Cocoa Brown here